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Last seen 28 July 2021, 10:10
51 years old   Dallas, United States
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a man, Scorpio , looking for a woman aged 22-30
I consider myself::
About me:
If you want to know more, just ask me. I can't give out all of the info up front.
HighSchool: Proviso East High School
College: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Music: I'm split down the middle 50/50 with rap and r&b. I listen to more east coast type rap and underground. I love old school r&b from the 70's, 80's, and early 90's. That's real music.
TV: I don't watch a lot of TV since my favorite show 24 ended. If I'm not watching something on ESPN, I'm checking out the History channel or anything news related
Books: The Holy Bible. I don't have time to read much else unless you count the bills we all get in the mail as quality reading.
Sports: Football, Basketball, the usual. I'm from Chicago so my loyalty lies with the Bulls, Bears, and Cubs. Oh, and the semi-pro football team I play for, The Texas Knights
Interests: Making money, staying as healthy and fit as possible, coming up with new business ideas so I can be the person writing and cashing checks instead of just cashing them
Movies: Most of my favorite movies are mob flicks, but if it's good, I'll watch anything. Big fan of comedy, and action movies.
BestFeatures: Tagged should really remove this option for every straight man's page because it's kind of homo to describe your own best features. Check out my pics and judge the best features for yourself.
Dreams: I have too many to put in this little box.

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