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Last seen 28 July 2021, 08:33
51 years old   Austin, United States
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a man, Aries , looking for a woman aged 18-25
I consider myself::
About me:
wsup ? its ya boi Quinton! but yall can call me Q! Im a kool laidback type of person, VIRGO baby.. I am a self motivated, driven individual. I'm pretty intellegent, Im focused on my goals. I keep a fresh fade, some dope chuck ts or vans, with my slim jeans and most of da time a fitted or snapback and a throwed t-shirt to match it to da t.. I'm pretty much a nice guy, but if u annoy me, distract me from my paper, or just got an ugly attitude, i can be the biggest asshole u'll ever meet..Its hard to get me mad, (ima lover not a fighter), but when i get mad, "back back, back back!! gimme 50 ft"..Im a practical thinker so stuff that dont make since to me, i dont participate in...I recently got out of a short marriage(im divorced) so im SINGLE! I got 3 beautiful kids out of it. And I Love em to death!..well thats a lil bit bout me, so if u wanna know some more, hmu! -Q
HighSchool: Del Valle High School
College: Austin Community College
Music: I LOVE RnB, something i can grind to ;-),,,especially rnb from the late 90's to the early 2000's, (that was real baby makin music) some hiphop, soul, blues and gospel.. i dont do country, i dig rock, i can tolerate some alternative. and i relax to classical
TV: single ladies, meet the browns, house of payne, suits and law and order
Books: "The Da Vinci Code, The Rainmaker, State of Emergency, Digital Fortress, Holy Bible, Just Do You, I Reign For Ever"
Sports: basketball, football... dallas cowboys and chicago bulls and miami heat! Track and Field (100m, 200m 4x100m, 110h, 210h), tennis,
Interests: spending valuable time with my kids, writing music, watching world news, recording in the studio, reading a great book, playing video games, (like madden, nba2k, fight night, battlefield, black ops, etc.) surfin the web, listening to music (all day), watching movies, im real boring, i dont go clubbin, (im never in the streets) im a simple person, nothin fancy, nothin flashy. Im always open to new things to broaden my horizon and alway adapt my mind to new perspectives.
Movies: step brothers, talladega nights.. anything will ferrell, or anything with adam sandler
BestFeatures: my low seductive eyes, my pearly white smile and my sexi slim chocolate body (lol) marvelous swagg, my perfect personality and my hi-lar-ious sense of humor.,,lol.
Dreams: My dream is to finish my degree in Bussiness and Communications, minor in Public speaking. Start my own enterprise with multiple companies, including entertainment, manufacturing, food service, vending and other ventures. I plan to be "The most Successful Black Business Man in the world." then when my business are successful, i'll write books, do motivational speaking assignments and then become a news anchor. Finally I will give my kids each one of my ventures and allow them to have somethin that I left them before I leave this world.

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