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Last seen 28 July 2021, 03:21
51 years old   Houston Acres, United States
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a man, Virgo , looking for a woman aged 32-35
I consider myself::
About me:
This is rite up my kinda makes me feel like im travelin round the world meetin new & interesting ppl.I believe its important 2 explore as much of the world as possible.ppl, places, and is not quite as long as it sometimes seems.I try 2 absorb as much knowledge, fun happy positive experiences, time spent helpn othrs, and time spent wth family.all of it top prioritying second only 2 a close personal relationship wth God.nothns more important than that.evrythng good comes frm him.none of us is anywhere close 2 bein perfect but his strength is perfected in our weeknesses.the world would b a much bettr plc if we all realized that and started thinkin of eachother b4 a huge optimist.I try 2 c the good in evyone & evrthng.but a few things I cant mean & hateful ppl.lifes 2 short 2 go through it pissed off.u miss out on so much bein that way.I God loves them so I try 2 do the same, but its not the easiest thing in the world 2 do.however somtimes worth it if u actually do make it through 2 one of them.also I love kids, but if u wanna date me u cant b 18 or 19 yrs old.I really dont like goin lower than 27.its jst that I hav a 19 yr old
Music: Gospel, R&B, Oldies, Alternative (Smokey Noreful, Cece Winans, Usher, Joe, Rhianna, Temptations, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Elliott Yamin, Celine Dion, Coldplay)
TV: Family Guy, Twilight Zone, Jersey Shore, Star Trek The Nxt Gen., Hell Date, American Idol, Forensic Files, UFC, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, The Universe, Spartacus
Books: Holy Bible, Battle Field Of The Mind,Divine Revelation Of Hell, Approval Addiction,23 Minutes In Hell
Sports: Fav.Sport-Boxing
Interests: Socializing, Hosting Small Groups Of Ppl, Playin Football, Boxing, Playin Pool, Drawing, Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Animation, Multimedia Video, Mentoring Children, Spirituality,Sweet Ppl, Smart Ppl, Affectionate Ppl, Goin 2 The Movies, Dining out, Cooking, Cuddling
Movies: Butterfly Effect, Goodfellas, Scarface, Van Helsing, The Notebook, Bridges Of Madison County, Heat, Alota Like Love
BestFeatures: Arms, Eyes, Integrity Level, Honesty, Work Ethic, Passionate, Dedicated, Loyal, Fun Loving, Affectionate, Spontaneous, Spiritual, Giving, Open Minded
Dreams: Rid the world of or fully convert all evil closed minded mean ppl, Create best cartoon animation movies of all time, Learn several languages, Marry beautiful smart God fearing woman who loves kids

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